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    40 Years of Expertise
    With over 140 published articles and a U.S. patent to his name, Dr. Schanzer is an acknowledged leader in the field of vascular surgery.

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    Vein Disease is complex
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What Sets Us Apart

Award-Winning Vein Surgeon

For more than 40 years, Dr. Harry Schanzer and New York Vascular-Laser Center have treated people effectively for diseases of the veins and arteries.

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Medical Consultation

After a comprehensive and objective evaluation, Dr. Schanzer carefully determines which veins are affected and to what degree.

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Procedures Done by Doctor

Since 1977, Dr. Schanzer has focused on treating the circulatory system, specifically the veins and arteries which transport blood throughout the body. Meet Dr. Schanzer  

NY Vascular Laser Center Introduction

A distinguished physician with leadership experience in New York’s most prestigious hospitals, Dr. Schanzer devotes his practice to the most advanced, effective treatments to alleviate the needless shame, discomfort and health consequences of varicose veins and other vascular disease. NY Vascular Laser Center - Vein Surgery Introduction on Vimeo.

Vein Diseases

Unsightly varicose and hand veins, spider veins in the face and legs, and chronic venous stasis cause embarrassment at the very least. They can also cause serious discomfort and inconvenience: fatigue, heaviness, aching, itching and burning, throbbing, cramping and restlessness—sometimes even with no change in appearance.
Small blue and red vessels visible within the skin of legs, face or chest. Learn More  
Dilated and tortuous vessels under the skin that can produce cosmetic complaints to severe symptoms. Learn More  
An advanced stage of venous disease. Symptoms are leg swelling, dark discoloration of the skin and ulcerations in the affected leg. Learn More  
Spider veins in the face are very common, and produce serious cosmetic problems. Learn More  
Visible veins in the hand. Normal in most people. When prominent and ugly, they can be eliminated. Learn More  

Vein Surgery & Treatment News



Meet the NY Vascular Laser Center Team

Dr. Harry Schanzer

Founder, Director

Mane Corso

Technical Director, Vascular Lab

Belkis A. Toro

Practice Manager

Helena Schanzer

Chief Administrator